Stop the sag in your pants.

It’s an issue for every pair of pants.

After wear and tear, they sag.
Lose a few pounds, and they fall down.
Belts make your pants bunch, cause stomach pain, and backaches.
Get the small solution that packs a big punch…Mini Belt.

Battles the Bulk

Snugs you while you sit.
Stays while you squat.
Mini Belt is buckle-less and won’t dig into your gut.

Steadies the Sag

Mini Belt is a handyman’s
best friend.
Wear a tool belt over it or wear it as a cord organizer.
It has a rigid mid-layer so it won’t compress.


Does your team work in construction?
Mini Belt has a velcro tab that you can replace with any icon or logo.
Makes a great gift for the loved ones in your life!

What is Mini Belt?

Mini Belt is a miniature belt that keeps your pants up and is more comfortable than a traditional belt.

What is Mini Belt?

Mini Belt links to two belt loops on your pants to cinch it tight.
Its rigid comfort loops make it easy to adjust.
Simply pull the strap over and attach.
Your waist will thank you.

The Fabulous Buckle-less Belt

Mini Belt is one size fits most.
Stop hassling with traditional buckles and belts that bulk up your pants.
Makes your love handles love you.
Mini Belt it and feel great throughout the day.

Stop the sag in your pants.

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